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Creative vision for some people is a "gift" that comes naturally. I have found that what is often perceived to be creative vision is in reality creative "technique." My earliest creative work came not from vision but from the development of my photographic "craft/technique." My creative vision developed slowly over a long period of time. I was largely unaware of the subtle changes as they were taking place. It was only after studying with Canadian photographer Freeman Patterson that I began to understand the nature of my developing creative vision. When I began re-organizing and cataloging my work, from the early days up to the present, the changing nature of my work and vision became apparent. Freeman Patterson said he can see his personal development including major life changing events when he reviews his work in a time line. I believe this is true for most artists who have been working over a long period of time. Life experiences are reflected in their work. Photography for me began with nature because of my love for the outdoors and quickly included travel photography. Today I see images everywhere! Often when a scene or object captures my attention I try to abstract the strongest element and present it in a way that the viewer might feel the emotion that I felt at that moment. This is the essence of my work.